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11 to 16s Homework Club

Inters homework club On Tuesday we run homework clubs for young people aged 11-16. They come in and have all the equipment they would need to be able to complete their homework. There are volunteers to help them, there are computers and printers to support…

06 Sep 2018 Posted by editor in activities, Young People no comments

Samad Memorial Event

We had a memorial event for Samad, where everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, we raised over £600 to go towards a charity of choice for Samad’s parents. A talent show with young people showing what they could do – singing, dancing or performance, went…

13 Apr 2018 Posted by editor in activities, Events no comments

Social Media Policy

This week our after schools club worked together to come up with their own social media policy that reflects onto the young people but also staff. We looked at, what is social media? Are there different kinds of social media? What the purpose of a…

27 Nov 2015 Posted by editor in Tech, Young People no comments

After School Club

Coming back this half term, Dragon Hall After School Club are using two sites for their clubs. We are based in the Swiss Church and Dragon Hall. However some might remember that before the summer we held a Summer Fair which raised money for the…

07 Oct 2015 Posted by editor in activities, Young People no comments