Samad Memorial Event

We had a memorial event for Samad, where everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, we raised over £600 to go towards a charity of choice for Samad’s parents.

A talent show with young people showing what they could do – singing, dancing or performance, went really well and the young people all loved their performances and have already asked to do another event.

A special mention should go to two of the young people, a 9 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. They met with their headteacher to explain the event and ask for some support through the newsletter and a poster. They then supported Keeley, the Youth Manager to go to different shops and leisure centres to ask for support in raffle prizes. On the actually day they ran their own stalls. The increase in confidence by these two young people was incredible, their developed confidence in communicating with adults was great to see. They would walk into places first, we were all so impressed with them at the end of the event, Keeley spoke to both parents to give them feedback and gave them each an easter egg.