After School Club

Coming back this half term, Dragon Hall After School Club are using two sites for their clubs. We are based in the Swiss Church and Dragon Hall.

However some might remember that before the summer we held a Summer Fair which raised money for the club. So far this has played a pivotal role in the planning for the term and beyond.

At the start of term young people sat down and discussed what they would like to do with the money. There were a number of ideas that young people suggested – The London Dungeon, London Eye, Corams Fields and many more. Eventually young people decided to spend some of their money on the Science Museum and the Emirates Skyline.

We have now been to the Science Museum twice, with young people absolutely loving the launch pad areas where you can discover and learn through activities. Whilst in the launch pad area one group even received a tour and an explanation of the exhibits by one of the members of staff who was super helpful. The Launch pad area had so many different activities, some helped you to understand how different materials can stop heat sensors picking you up. Another was around how your body can be used as a force as well as learning about wind power.

We would definitely recommend the science museum as a fun activity for kids to do, they can learn through play which is always fun.