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Dragon Hall Trust

Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust is a charity organisation serving the needs of local people with a specific focus on children, young people and older residents.

Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust

Dragon Hall Trust started providing activities and services to our residents in 2005. We are still here and still providing activities, events and services to our local residents and others who live in central London. We work in partnership with other local organisations, provide After School Clubs to children and young people, community activities for their families and other adults and loads of events, trips and support for the over 55 age group, we provide a food bank, advice one-to-one sessions and digital workshops and support. The Trust is led by a trustee board of 9 people, with a staff of 15. Supported by funding bodies and businesses including The National Lottery, St Giles and St George, Shaftesbury PLC, Mercers Company, Masonic Charitable Foundation, John Lyons Foundation, GlaxcoSmithKlein, Camden Giving, UK Youth, Jack Petchey Foundation, Greater London Authority, Peabody Trust, Julia and Hans Rousing Trust, LB Camden, City of Westminster and LB Islington- among others.

We always welcome people who would like to volunteer to support our work – please just contact us!

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