Our Objectives

The Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust was established in 2005 to provide a community facility in the heart of Covent Garden & Holborn, to serve the needs of local residents, local communities and the wider public.

Our area is perceived as a ‘wealthy area’ whilst in reality it is an area of deprivation with a great divergence between wealth and poverty. Consultation identified these aims for the organisation


To develop Dragon Hall as a self sustaining community activity and information resource for Covent Garden, Holborn, St Giles and Bloomsbury offering a venue for the use and benefit of local residents, businesses, community groups and organisations


Offer a wide range of social, educational and recreational activities and events, developed and delivered in partnership with service users, to facilitate the needs and interests of diverse communities, with particular focus on those at risk from social exclusion and isolation (ie children, young people, older people, Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) and disability groups)

Partnership Work

Enable partnership working in the area to develop around the hob of the venue and establish a consultative mechanism that will enable resources to be pooled, avoid overlap and duplication of services, identify gaps in provision and develop responses to these

The Charity is guided by both local and national policy. It is a member of the West Central Forum – a partnership of local groups whose purpose is to improve the quality of life for residents living within the area of Covent Garden, Seven Dials, Bloomsbury and Holborn by tackling key issues seeking engagement from all members of the local community.

Dragon Hall Trust has an established and well-recognised track record of working inclusively with disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities, seen in work with the Bangladeshi community (13% of the local population), alongside support for people/ groups from Super-Output areas, amongst the 20% most deprived in the UK, including women, children & young people and people from a BME background.

This inclusive mentality, based on protecting the right of everyone to take part, is embedded into organisational culture through our policies & procedures & brought to life through our multi-cultural staff team, who bring skills, knowledge and understanding in facilitating cohesive coalition building, both within and between different communities.

Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust is a registered charity – number 1087268