After School Club Tech

Monday 5th October, Dragon Hall After School Club had the opportunity to try out some of the tech available at Dragon Hall. 3D printing, Minecraft, draw and race and Oculus rift were just some of the activities.

Some young people have tried some of the tech, others had never had access to it before – this gave young people a chance to support their peers in their own learning.

The reaction to the different activities from young people was fantastic. They created their own race tracks on Draw and Race, competing against each other, creating more and more tracks and generally having a great time!

Then we had Google Cardboard, a device that turns your phone into an augmented reality headset. One young person really couldn’t get their head around the idea of a mobile being such an amazing, cool and new experience – and loved it.

Finally, Oculus Rift, truely awesome. Young people tried the original Oculus headset and then the new ‘mark 2’ version. We asked young people to try the older one first, then to move onto the new one – you can really see the improvement in quality and resolution. Young people couldn’t get enough of the headset trying it not once, twice but three times.

This group of young people are the perfect group to try out new technology, these sessions are perfect. Young people enjoy the technology, give you their opinions and haven’t seen much of it before. Whenever we receive new technology these are the kind of sessions we need to run.