Wendy Lynch

Wendy was central to the work we do here at Dragon Hall with young people and technology, and she is sorely missed.

Wendy believed in equality for all young people and dedicated herself to working with them to give them a voice and opportunities.

In January this year Wendy was diagnosed with advanced cancer – she passed away 13th March just 2 months later. She leaves behind 2 young daughters aged 14 and 17.

The girls are at a critical time in their education and Wendy’s friends and supporters want to make sure they have all the opportunities open to them that Wendy was adamant should be available to all young people.

To celebrate Wendy we want to build a fund for her daughters, we want to ensure they have the future she wished for them. People have been asking what they can do. We have set this up so those who want to can contribute to their future. They are Wendy’s greatest legacy.

Please visit Wendy’s crowdfunding page.