Juniors Christmas Spirit

The holiday season has started!!

This week Dragon Hall is getting ready for the holidays. On Friday we decorated the Christmas tree whilst listening to Christmas music, which young people really enjoyed and has a good sing along. They not only put the tree together, but decorated it. For some young people this was the first time they have ever got involved in decorating a Christmas tree and they were able to try something new and share the experience with their peers.

We then started our Secret Santa activity where we buy a present for someone, we picked a name out of a jar, most young people are involved in this activity and there is a budget of £5 for young people to spend on each other. We are handing out presents next week and we can’t wait.

Finally to top off the Christmas Spirit, we made Christmas decorations. These were made from using scratch art. We made angels, reindeers, baubles and snowflake shapes.

Young people were able to use their creativity when it comes to creating their designs as they had a blank canvas to begin with.

We have one more week left of term to finish 2015. We will be finishing with a party after a great year!