Tuesday 21st April 2020 – Day Twenty Nine

Good morning – hope that you are having a good day so far! Thank you to everyone who assured me, when I admitted yesterday that I was not going crazy talking to myself. Here are a few of your comments:

In this confinement, it’s normal to talk to the plants. When they are replying, that’s when you need to see me. (A psychiatrist talking). I’m lucky I have my cat to talk to and she doesn’t argue back, unless she thinks it’s meal time and where it is and I’m a bit slow in getting it.

Of course I talk to myself… sometimes I need expert advice.

What can I share with you today? – HEALTH

From Theresa: Boots Chief Pharmacist Marc Donovan answers questions about coronavirus.

From Chris T: “Best explanation I’ve seen of Covid’s impact on people

From Mary Ward Centre: Emma has done a number of line dancing videos, she made them at home so stresses that they are not slick and very DIY. They are password protected as Vimeo would not allow her to share public videos due to copyright issues around the music she plays in them, but is happy for them to be shared if students find them helpful. If you would like the password, please email me and I will forward it to you.

From Marcos: Topic: Marcos’ Meditation on Tuesdays and Chair Yoga on Thursdays

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 – Join Zoom Meeting

ART & CULTURE – From Chris B: 22 Musicals in 12 minutes ! I saw this and had to share it with you. It comes with words and nobody is watching so just go mad in these Lockdown Days. (it also stars Emily Blunt, so gets a thumbs up from me!)

From Ali: Feel good program- White Collar 5 series of humour, excellent script and useful info. Appeals to both men and women and a few excellent, spontaneous belly laughs too. Great lockdown viewing.
Currently on Netflix. Here is the trailer

From the British Museum: The Museum’s collection online offers everyone unparalleled access to objects in the collection. This innovative database is one of the earliest and most extensive online museum search platforms in the world.

INFORMATION From Gil: COMPUTERS AVAILABLE IN LIBRARIES: Computers are being provided in special areas at Victoria and Church Street libraries to help residents who don’t have their own computer or internet access at home. Residents can use a computer for up to 45 minutes from Monday to Friday, between 10am and 4pm.

Each computer and workstation is carefully cleaned after each user and there is a 2 metre distance between desks. Staff are on hand to help with IT queries and to ensure that safe social distancing is observed at all times including queuing if demand is high. For more information:

Today Amber is on duty – her number is 075 1360 5766, and you can contact me ANY TIME on 07759 646507 in case of an emergency

Be safe


Shared by Jerry – today’s wisdom and humour: Since everyone has started washing their hands like we’re supposed to, we’ll be working on shapes and colours next week.