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Tuesday 15th June 2021

Good morning all,

I hope you had a good weekend and that you are enjoying the sunshine.

Please find details and our timetable of regular activities.

If you have any suggestions please do email me.


Happy Tuesday


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List Of  Weekly ZOOM Sessions

Please find below our weekly zoom timetable, and if you have any suggestions for future sessions, do please send me an email.

09:30: Line Dancing

11:30: Pilates
14:00: Queens Gallery Workshop

19:00: French Conversation

11:00: Gentle Tai Chi
14:00: Spanish Conversation
17:00: Belly Dancing

List Of WEEKLY In-Person Sessions

10:30: Yoga with Marcos (PG)
11:30: Pilates with Rosie (PG)

10:30: 1-1 Computer Help (DH)
11:15: Flamenco Dancing (7D)
13:00: Jewellery Making (PG)

(DH – Dragon Hall, PG – Phoenix Garden, 7D – 7Dials Club)




WEDNESDAY 16th JUNE 12:30pm at Dragon Hall

Just a quick reminder, that I am organising an informal farewell tea party to say goodbye to Amber.

If you would like to join us, please email me.

Photography Course

Creative Digital Photography Taster

Thursday 24th June – Thursday 15th July
13:00 – 15:00 FREE ‘Creative Digital Photography Taster’ with Zoe

Take and Edit Photos on your Smartphone or Tablet. 3-week taster course, aimed at beginners and those who would like to develop their skills, using a tablet or smartphone to take, edit and share digital photos. Bring along your own iPhone/iPad/Android device or use one of ours. At Dragon Hall.

Guide to online banking

Introduction to Online Banking

Thursday 1st July
10.00 – 11:00 Introduction to online banking.

Informal presentation by Neil Drinkwater. Come along for a free talk at Dragon Hall. It is natural to be concerned about fraud, however, the banks now have strong procedures in place to monitor for this in the real and virtual worlds. By seeing how you normally use your account, they will alert you if anything out of the ordinary happens e.g. if your card looks like it’s been used abroad or an unusually large amount has been taken from your account.

Flamenco Evening
Flamenco Evening at Phoenix Gardens

Flamenco Evening

Thursday 8th July
16:00 – 19:00 Flamenco Evening at Phoenix Garden with the lovely Sam!

Join us at The Phoenix Garden for an evening of tapas, Spanish music, and a taster of the new ‘Flamenkarma’ class run by the lovely Sam! With our little oasis as the backdrop, we couldn’t think of a better way of spending a summer evening!

The event will be held on Thursday 8th July from 4pm – 7pm. Tickets cost £3.

To sign up, please follow this link

Kew Garden Greenhouse

Rescheduled Visit to Kew Gardens

Thursday 22nd July
12:00 rescheduled visit to Kew Gardens

Enjoy a relaxing and restorative experience even though you will be walking around for hours. However, take a break on one of the many benches around the gardens. There is always so much to do, including the rhododendron walk, the glorious peonies in the Kew kitchen garden and the atmosphere of calm and serenity all around.

Covent Garden Food Bank

Please do contact us if you need a food parcel – CCGG @7Dials can provide you with a free food package each week.

If you need help with shopping, collecting medication or just want someone to talk to by phone – please let us know.
Email John: john@dragonhall.org.uk or 07759 646507 in case of an emergency.

Can You Help Dragon Hall Trust?

Your donation will support vulnerable members of our communities with food via Covent Garden Food Bank, calls via the phone support line and assistance to get online for those who are digitally disadvantaged.

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Contact Us

Please do contact us if you need a food parcel – CCGG @7Dials might be able to provide you with a free food package each week. If you need help with shopping, collecting medication or just want someone to talk to by phone – please let us know.

You can reach me either at john@dragonhall.org.uk or 07759 646507 in case of an emergency.

Cartoon of John Hayes

Contact John at john@dragonhall.org.uk or 07759 646507 in case of an emergency. 

Be safe – and remember to laugh at the little things!