Thursday 26th March

Good evening everyone, how was your day?

Mine was good, very productive and seemed to fly by. The Dragon Hall team had a conference call this morning, it was good to see everyone again. Connections are so important, even if it is a virtual one. I went shopping this afternoon. Tesco have adopted a very strong policy of limiting the numbers of people at any one time, and how much people can purchase – about time! After a 25 minute wait to get in, the actual experience was rather pleasant – if shopping can be enjoyable at any time!!

What can I share with you today (thanks again for your contributions)

For those of you who live in Camden, the council have an online form to get help if you’re staying at home because of coronavirus. Use this service to find volunteer groups and other services in your local area who can help you cope.

From Chris: One piece of advice I saw was to do more things with your non dominant hand, opening doors, selecting stuff while shopping, etc. Apparently, people touch their face less with their non dominant hand. Of course, it’s not a substitute for washing your hands.

Thank you to Pen, who shared this useful website: ‘Silvefit at home’ – a series of online workouts, brought to you by their instructors, that you can follow in the comfort of your own home with little or no equipment required! Their first video, Cheerleading with Zoe, Part 1 of the ‘9 to 5’ routine, will launch tomorrow (Friday 27th) at 10am.

Thank you to Gil for this interesting read; From fake testing kits to dodgy tax refund emails: the Coronavirus scams to beware – here is the link for more information:

A number of members are concerned about getting the car MOT, thank you to Steve for letting me know that MOTs have been automatically extended for 6 months. Here is the link for further information:

SHOPPING Thanks to Phil for this share: One of my suppliers Bidvest is launching a home delivery service as all of their business deliveries have dried up. The only criteria is that the minimum spend is £100 & orders must be placed before 4pm each day for next day delivery.

I get regular updates from TIME OUT, who are now called TIME IN. In an article, entitled “the best things to do at home”, one suggestion was lift your mood with some of the best feel good films on Netflix right now. A list of feelgood which included:-

When Harry met Sally
Legally Blonde
La La Land
Eat Pray Love
Bull Durham
Dirty Dancing
Four Weddings and a Funeral (my favourite)

Do you have a favourite ‘feel good’ movie to share – let me know!

Lastly, as I mentioned in an earlier email, sometimes humour does not travel well, however, I couldn’t help but share this video forwarded by Helena. Entitled “Coronavirus Rhapsody” (a parody of the Queen’s hit song) – is brilliant

Have a lovely evening, I am going to see what’s in the fridge!