Philip Glass - Akhnaten

Saturday 4 March 2023


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Philip Glass - Akhnaten

Akhnaten – Philip Glass

Thursday 23rd March at 19:30

I have 30 tickets for the upcoming English National Opera community evening performance of Akhnaten on Thursday 23rd March at 19:30 at the London Coliseum.

A mesmerising spectacle, Akhnaten tells the story of one of the world’s most influential figures – the Pharaoh Akhnaten, the first Pharaoh to switch from worshipping a pantheon of gods to just one: the Sun.

To register your interest for a FREE ticket, please click on the link below:

Philip Glass - Akhnaten

Akhnaten Workshop

Sunday 26 March at 12:45pm-14:15pm

In addition to the above performance, I have been allocated 10 spaces to attend an amazing Akhnaten Workshop on Sunday 26 March at 12:45pm-14:15pm.

The workshop will explore then world of Akhnaten, and promises to be a real treat.

To register your interest for the workshop, please click on the link below:

Tai Chi classes

Tai Chi with Helena

Every Monday: 11:00 – 12:00

Learning Tai Chi Chuen and Qi gong requires patience, focussed attention, perseverance and willingness to cultivate this internal artform with regularly daily practice. Only with genuine intention and desire to improve your health will, in time, enable you to achieve the ultimate mind – body fitness.
Based on Taoist philosophy from the ‘Art of War’ where “softness overcomes hardness”, all movements have a strategic advantage and are done with no deliberate force applied. Hence the exercises are non vigorous yet bringing immense power of rejuvenating and self-healing within the body.

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March 2023

Wednesday 1st
15:00: Film Club at the Garden Cinema “Brazil” – cost £2:00 (four spaces)

Monday 20th:
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14:00: Bridge session (two spaces)

Wednesday 29th:
11:00 – 13:00: City Lit Maths Course

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