Monday 6th April 2020 – Day Fourteen

Good morning all. Firstly thank you to everyone who asked about my Sunday stroll with my son. We had a very good time, observing social distancing. It was a lovely spring day, with very few people about. We did a cardio walk together around the gardens and enjoyed a lovely catch up

How was your Sunday? Did you do anything different?

What can I share with you today? FOOD / SHOPPING

From Karen: ‘CookistWow’ offers you everyday fresh, fun and easy recipes. You can find the best quick and easy to make recipes, simple meal planning ideas and cooking techniques. Here is a video that provides instructions and recipes for

1) Onion cake: a savory cake too delicious not to try it!
2) Fluffy bread in a pan: how to make it in a few steps!
3) Baked potato squares: they are addictive!
4) Fried breaded eggplant: how to make them crispy and delicious!
5) Cabbage lasagna: the perfect recipe for any night of the week!
6) Beer Can Chicken: an unusual method of cooking to have a chicken tender and juicy!
7) Egg zucchini boats: a simple dish that everyone will taste!

From Neil: London Dairies, The Friendly, Reliable Service Delivering Excellence

London Dairies is a family run business supplying dairy produce to central London since 1995. From their central London base in New Covent Garden Market, they supply and deliver top quality and competitively priced milk, cheese, butter, eggs juice. Good feedback from local residents

From Sue: (Covent Garden recommendation) Don’t forget Ecco cafe on Drury Lane. Best latte ever. They are only doing coffee right now, but they could use some business. I can’t keep them open all by myself! A godsend to coffee holics like me.

ART & ENTERTAINMENT – From Joan: New online interactive classes & groups form the Claremont Project. Physical isolation doesn’t necessarily mean personal isolation. They are staying in touch and encourage you to stay in touch with them

For those with broadband at home, they are now offering live and interactive groups and classes, including: Music songs and memories, Ukulele sessions, Strength and Balance (Fall and Osteoporosis Prevention) class

HEALTH – Our yoga teacher, Marcus will be hosting a FREE meditation session tomorrow and a FREE chair yoga session on Thursday. The session will be run via ZOOM.

Please join us!

Zoom is more and more becoming a tool to keep in touch, for those of you have no or little experience of Zoom, here is a tutorial

On Saturday, I shared with you ‘Desert Island Discs’. Thank you to all those who shared their favourite song and story with me. Here is a selection from the members:

From David who wanted to share this song with you. David was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and successfully overcame it. This song reminds him of those times and his wife, and he asked me to share this video

From our Amber: This song is pretty special to me. Kainoa would always play it while we were studying in the library in college, while we were still dating. It ended up being the song we played at our wedding for our first dance. I always thought it was kinda funny since it’s about a cougar and a younger guy. Which sorta describes us (although, I’m only three years older than him!).

DO YOU have a special song for a special occasion, please share with me, so that I can share with others
That’s all for now
Amber is on duty until 3pm (her number is 07715 580216), I will be back this evening, and if you have an emergency my number is 07759 646507

Be safe