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Monday 27th July 2020 – Day One Hundred & Twenty Five

Good morning all,

Thank you all for sharing your stories and experiences with reference to Hawaii.

Currently, we are experiencing the after-effects of Hurricane Douglas which hit Hawaii on Sunday afternoon. I live more inland, in an area called Manoa Valley. We are protected by the mountains, and away from the ocean, so we did not experience any flooding or water damage. I count myself one of the lucky ones as I have a few friends whose homes were damaged. Alas, paradise comes with its own set of unique problems. During a calm moment, I managed to snap a photo of the street I live on….it was windy!

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What can I share with you today?




Thank you to everyone who has forwarded their wonderful support and comments to me regarding the Food Bank Project organised by Covent Garden Community Centre / 7 Dials Club. It is really gratifying to hear that so many people are benefiting from the service:

Foodbank – We are flexible with regards to who we can help. If you fit the following criteria, please register.


  • Self Isolation due to symptoms
  • Isolation due to vulnerable or shielded status
  • Income reduction because of lockdown & crisis measures
  • Income reduction while waiting for benefits to arrive
  • Homeless


Go to Registration Form


Just a reminder. If you (or know of anyone) who cannot go out because they are vulnerable, self isolating or for any other reason and need help with food etc. Assistance can be found on the government web page. The form is rather long, but is fairly straightforward. If you (or know of anyone who needs support) please let us know.


Here is the link:





From Carol:


Scam Alert

On Tele Licenses. There is currently a scam email doing the rounds purporting to be from TV licensing and wanting people over 75 to buy a license.
They ask for bank details etc. I think the members receiving your emails won’t fall for it but just in case. The licensing people will be writing to the people who now have to pay and probably to the exempt as well.

Please be on guard when it comes to these types of emails. Personal information obtained from data breaches is making it increasingly easier for fraudsters to create highly targeted phishing messages and calls – watch out for these. Listen to your instincts: If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it.


If you think you’ve been scammed, contact Action Fraud immediately on 0300 123 2040 or online.



From Diana:


Tesco Plans to Cut Cleaning Staff Tesco are cutting thousands of cleaners from stores across the country and telling staff to do the cleaning instead.
Hygiene is not something a huge supermarket should be sacrificing right now – especially when Tesco’s sales are surging.

That’s why a group of us staff are launching a petition demanding that proper cleaners are kept in stores. There’s no way we’ll have enough time to clean the stores on top of our other jobs – we’re already working non-stop. So no cleaners mean a risk to staff AND customers.

Please notify members this affects our health safety using Tescos. Their staff have supported us all through COVID lockdown now let’s support them.

Please read and action. We already have been aware of how Tescos cheat the farmers.


Sign the petition here:



From Celia:


Update on TV License 3.7 million UK pensioners over 75 will have to pay for their TV licence from 1st August as the BBC’s decision to means-test this benefit is enacted, meaning that only over 75s who are on Pension Credit will get the free TV licence.

This decision will push more than 50,000 people into direct poverty and mean that hundreds of thousands more will have to choose between their only source of information and contact with the outside world or food, heating and other essentials. The NPC would encourage you to write to your MP encouraging them to support the Early Day Motion #747.


You can find your local MP’s details on this link.


Here is the full update

If you’d like to take action, you can join this demonstration: The London Region NPC is organising a static demonstration across the road from Downing Street, against the decision to stop the ‘over 75’s free TV licence’ on Thursday 30 July assembling at 11.15 for demo at 11.30-12.00.

NPC would ask that anyone attending wears a mask and socially distances on either side of the banner, i.e. towards Parliament in one direction and Trafalgar Square in the other. It is appreciated that many older people will still not feel comfortable about traveling on public transport.

Stay safe…





From Chris B:


Artistic work

Lubaina Himid In Conversation With Ferren Gipson, Wednesday 29th July, 6-7pm. Join as Turner Prize-winning artist Lubaina Himid speaks with Art Matters Podcast host Ferren Gipson. Lubaina will be discussing her artistic practice, influences and some of her recent artistic work.

After the conversation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. It will be hosted using the free video conferencing programme, Zoom. Spaces are limited and we will operate on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to join this exclusive event, please RSVP to Michael Woodman at Michael will also be able to assist with any technology questions you may have.



From John:


Mushroom Art

Mushrooms, interspecies communication and more Have you visited Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi yet?
Last week we reopened our exhibition and we’ve loved having you back. Highlights range from Beatrix Potter’s early nature studies and Cy Twombly’s lithographic prints to a mycological recipe book by composer John Cage, plus much more.

And, If you’re unable to make it to the exhibition, don’t forget you can take a virtual tour of Mushrooms online. UNTIL 13 SEPT






Billy Collins is that rarest of phenomena—a best-selling poet.

Cherished for his wry humor, ingenious metaphors and uncanny ability to turn the most humdrum of domestic situations into occasions for memorable poetry, he came to prominence in 1998 with his volume Picnic, Lightning.
Born in New York City, and a professor at Lehman College there, he served from 2001 to 2003 as the United States’ poet laureate.






Yoga and Meditation with Marcos:



Why not join Marcos for meditation on Tuesdays 10:30 – this is a session where you relax your body and your mind and at the end, you’ll feel easier /looser in your physical body and your mind sharper.

On Thursdays at 10:30 you also have a chance to do some chair yoga. You take your own pace to do some gentle simple movement following your breath.

These are both short sessions and they don’t last much more than 30min each. Do come and have a go; it might be something that you can easily enjoy and it make it a part of your weekly routine.


Email me or John for the zoom link.




From Jerry (Quote for the day): ?
“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”
― Pearl S. Buck




16th Century Dress


From me: This picture always makes me feel a little better…




*Celia has graced me with her artistic talent and drawn a chibi character of me! 


That’s all for now!

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Be safe