Athan Project

Inters Trip to Southend, Feb 2013

February 2013 half term Dragon Hall intermediates had a fun packed half term scheme.

We ran on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday Dragon Hall went to the cinema to see ‘Flight’, all young people seemed to really enjoy the film which starred Denzel Washington. The film was a really exciting film as the plot was ever evolving.

On Wednesday we started creating a music video for a track that was created by Young people at Dragon Hall in partnership with Fitzrovia Youth in Action. We had 8 young people involved in this project. They all came together on this Tuesday to finish the project by filming the video.

We filmed around Chancery Lane area and then back in Dragon Hall. This took up half of the day however after this session we then played a staff VS young people football match at Calthorpe.

This worked out well by engaging new young people and old members together. We ended up playing a tournament which involved three teams – one staff team and two teams with young people. This session was really engaged and young people really enjoyed themselves and are now starting a team to play in a Sunday league at Calthorpe.

Finally on the Friday young people got the chance to go to Southend Adventure Island. The young people had to get up nice and early to get to Dragon Hall so that we could get the train from Farringdon.

Young people subsidised the trip by paying £5 each and Dragon Hall staff had fundraised money from Youth in Action, LB Camden which covered the rest of the cost of the day trip.

Young people and staff went on rides together and although it was very cold and even snowing at times we still went on all the rides and enjoyed everything on offer. It also gave young people a chance to try something new and face fears, but also gave young people the chance to engage with new young people.

Overall we had a really good half term scheme and we would like to thank all young people and organisations involved in making it possible.