Friday 29th May 2020 – Day Sixty Six

Good morning all, I do hope that your week has gone well?
For the most part (on a personal note) the virus and lockdown is all very surreal. Other than worrying about James, the situation really hasn’t hit home. But talking to a member yesterday her infection and (ongoing) recovery, really brought the sheer horror to livid detail. This is what this lady shared with me:

‘Hi John, thank you. I am improving but taking things slowly. If all these people who aren’t social distancing on beaches knew what it was like having the virus they would think again! A feeling of claws tightens around the chest, I gasp for breath all through the day. At night I deal with heavy sweats. 

‘I live alone and I am scared.’

‘No sleep and wanting to die because I can’t cope with it. The pain. The Fear.’

‘They would only be too glad to self isolate. It is no picnic. It wrecks your lungs.’

‘I’m lucky to have a garden and now can see my flowers coming up. My two guinea pigs put a smile on my face. But I am lucky, I have much to be grateful for. I am better off than those on ventilators.’

‘It’s one day at a time.’

Keep safe yourself

Yes…..Please KEEP yourself Safe.



What can I share with you today?




Thank you to everyone who has forwarded their wonderful support and comments to me regarding the Food Bank Project organised by Covent Garden Community Centre / 7 Dials Club. It is really gratifying to hear that so many people are benefiting from the service:

Foodbank – We are flexible with regards to who we can help. If you fit the following criteria, please register.

  • Self Isolation due to symptoms
  • Isolation due to vulnerable or shielded status
  • Income reduction because of lockdown & crisis measures
  • Income reduction while waiting for benefits to arrive
  • Homeless

Go to Registration Form



From Sarah:

Online Shopping availability. Supermarkets are advising people to shop in stores where possible to ease pressure on deliveries to those that can’t – but that’s not always possible. Here is a summary from 

  • Asda – slots released 14 days ahead – No official policy on when slots will be released,but 10pm and again just after midnight have proved most successful for customers so far.

  • Co-op – slots released 5 days ahead – Around midnight.

  • Iceland – slots released 7 days ahead – Slots released based on individual stores.

  • Morrisons – slots released 3 days ahead – Customers had most success just after midnight or first thing in the morning.

  • Ocado – slots released 7+ days ahead – Non-priority customers notified of new slots. On the Ocado homepage, priority customers send emails when new ones are released.

  • Sainsbury’s – slots released 7 days ahead – Monday morning proved most successful with shoppers, no official policy from the grocer itself.




From Leah:

Just a quick update re: Tesco Covent Garden: it remains very busy,
I’ve walked past a couple of times over the last week or so and the queue has been at least 10/15 people long.


From Mary: Queues at Tesco Metro.

My update is that it depends what time of day you chose to shop.  I go between 9am – 9.30 am and there is never any queue.  The early bird catches the worm!! Regards to you all



From Next Door:

Bar Bruno Soho opens.
Good to see Bar Bruno, an independent family run cafe, on Wardour open this morning!




From Chris B: Royal Opera House.

Watch The Royal Ballet’s The Cellist #OurHouseToYourHouse #StayAtHome.
As part of the #OurHouseToYourHouse series, join The Royal Ballet for a YouTube Premiere of Cathy Marston’s The Cellist, inspired by the momentous life and career of celebrated cellist Jacqueline du Pré and set to a commissioned score by Philip Feeney.



From Theresa: HAIRSPRAY Live!

FULL SHOW | The Shows Must Go On – Stay Home.
Hairspray Live! tells the inspiring story of Tracy Turnblad (newcomer Maddie Baillio), a plump teen in 1962 Baltimore who wins a spot on a local TV dance program and ignites a campaign to integrate the show. From 7pm BST!Available for 48hours Only! Make sure you don’t miss out!




From Steven:

Here is a selection of government research and advice on the importance of vitamin D3 for people who are not getting enough sunlight:

Here’s the Link



From Theresa:

Organ transplant – consent will be presumed with people having to opt out if they wish not to be a donor.

Here’s the Link



From Suzanne:

Six Calming and Relaxing Hand Reflexology Techniques from Alice Godden.
I do this most days.  It’s quite straightforward and good at these times.  We need to look after our hands!




From Ruth – Do you Speak Corona?

Are you fully conversant with the new terminology of “Lockdown Lingo”?  Corona conversation for the beginner!

 ? Corona bae – Also known as ‘quarantine bae’, this slang term refers to someone you start dating virtually, or someone you find yourself attracted to when you ordinarily wouldn’t, because of self-isolation. Roommates, neighbours, everyone is fair game when you’re starved of attention.

 ? Coronababy – When you and your corona bae get cosy, you may… you know… and end up conceiving a ‘coronababy’. Thirteen years later, he or she will grow up to become a ‘quaranteen’.

 ? Coronacation  –  Schools across the world quickly shut down following the coronavirus breakout. With classes now online and students at home, many have begun to refer to the situation as a ‘coronacation’, a vacation thanks to the virus.



That’s all for now!

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Be safe