Work Experience

Dragon Hall are always trying to find new ways to develop young people’s skills and abilities, one of the ways we are do this is by taking on work experience students from all over the UK and also from around the world. We have had over 20 young people across the year who choose Dragon Hall as their placement.

This week (May 2015) we are lucky to have two media students from Germany who are with us for two weeks. This relationship was developed by the ADC College and our internal work experience facilitator. Young people are put forward by schools/colleges, they will then have an interview and if successful will be placed at Dragon Hall. If the students are not from the UK there is a Skype interview process.

There are many opportunities to develop at Dragon hall, young people are sure to find something they are interested in – media, app development, 3d printing, music, coding, administration, playwork and youth work. The learning is endless and not to mention our friendly and supportive ethos here at Dragon Hall.

Christian 20 from Germany “It is amazing how Dragon hall work with technology and apply this to people’s learning”