Wednesday 1st April 2020 – Day Nine

Thank you to everyone who forwarded suggestions for a good night’s sleep. The things that I did differently were:-

From Lailan: At night you must not drink or eat anything cold: e,g. iced water and ice cream. Why? They over-stimulate your body

From Anna: I’d like to recommend chamomile tea last thing at night – it certainly helps to drift off to sleep. Other herbal teas might help as well. And – no electronic devices in the bedroom…

From Susan: Try reading instead of viewing at the end of the day (I started Origin by Dan Brown)

Hopefully the above tips might help you, if you struggle to get back to sleep

What can I share with you today? – FOOD / SHOPPING

From CIndy: West One shopping centre: Now going to open 9am to 5pm daily – midday Sunday until further notice.

From Chris B: Pasta With Brown Butter, Whole Lemon, and Parmesan (recipe attached)

HEALTH – Marcos is doing a free meditation class every Tuesday and a free chair yoga class every Thursday. Please join him via Zoom at 11:00pm. Here is the link:

From Cllir Sue Vincent: Many of us will be feeling overwhelmed and concerned about the current news regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it could affect our lives. For support and guidance on looking after your mental health during this period, these links might help:

ARTS AND CULTURE – Sadly, like many other open spaces, Phoenix Garden is closed. However, Leah has done a ‘walk with me video’ through this oasis in Covent Garden. Please click on it, and marvel how quiet it is and the lovely birdsong. A real treat. Here is the link:

From Phil: Hampstead theatre, in partnership with The Guardian, are streaming a series of hit productions from its digital archive, for free.Hampstead Theatre and The Guardian will re-release the live stream recordings of Mike Bartlett’s Wild, Beth Steel’s Wonderland and Howard Brenton’s Drawing the Line for free. Here is the link:

From Alan Duke: Alan has his own spiritual channel on YouTube. If you would like to support / follow his channel. Here is the link:

From Chris: The Huge Joffe Books Giveaway, 44 Free Kindle Books. On Wednesday 1 April, Joffe Books are giving away one book by each of their brilliant authors, exclusively on Kindle. That’s 44 books in all, pretty much a whole year’s worth of reading! Here is the link:

From Nicole: Donate a Ride for The NHS. As part of their commitment to support the nation’s capital in the fight against coronavirus, Addison Lee Group are working with London to offer free rides to and from hospital for NHS workers across the city. They have donated the first £50,000 to the fund and are in discussion with their corporate customers to help those on the frontline get to and from work safely, comfortably and efficiently. If you wish to donate, here is the link:

Lastly from Margaret: The Coronavirus Rhapsody was the funniest video on Youtube, however this Sound of Music parody comes close. Here is the link:

That all folks

See you tonight


Good evening, how was your day?
I went out for the first time in four days, to do some shopping and get some air. There was no queing to get into my main Tesco, and there was plenty of food on the shelves. If you closed your eyes for a few seconds, you would believe that it was a normal, routine day. However, switching on the news, and the facts change all that. A further 563 patients with coronavirus have died in the UK, taking the total number of deaths in hospitals to 2,352. A stark reminder to all of us, how important it is to social distance and take care, and limit our time outside.

So what can I share with you, to make the ordeal easier? ARTS & CULTURE

From Chris: The Globe is making recordings of its plays free to watch online.

Six of the theatre’s plays will be available for two weeks each, including Hamlet (2018) and Romeo & Juliet (2009). Six productions, Hamlet (2018), Romeo & Juliet (2009), The Winter’s Tale (2018), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2013), The Two Noble Kinsmen (2018) and The Merry Wives of Windsor (2019) will be streaming on a rotating basis, with each of them available for two weeks. Here is the link:

From Christine: Join Royal Academy of Dance teacher and Silver Swans expert practitioner Sarah Platt as she brings her motivational ballet classes directly to you at home. This is the first in a series of classes aimed at the over 55s, giving you the knowledge to unleash your inner dancer, with new sequences to learn and remember each week. Here is the link:

Royal Opera House: Don’t miss, This Friday sees our first Opera Friday Night Premiere! A collaboration between The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, Wayne McGregor’s Acis and Galatea is not to be missed!
Based on Greek myth, watch as the jealous giant Polyphemus tries to tear apart the love between Galatea, a half-divine nymph,and the mortal shepherd Acis. Acis and Galatea will Premiere on our Facebook and Youtube channels at 7pm BST on Friday 3 April. Here is the link:

From Neil: For you budding writers! Could self-isolation find the dickens in you? Founded by the great Charles Dickens, the Journalists’ Charity has launched a competition to discover the kind of people living today who might have captured the writer’s imagination and would be his great inspirational characters of the 21st Century. In just 300 words – with Dickens’s descriptive flamboyance – can you pen a portrait of the 21st century character you think would have deserved his attention?

SHOPPING: – From Sue: The Boots Covent Garden is open, new, bright and shining, well stocked and Empty of customers

MONEY: From Theresa: 42 MoneySaving household hacks to avoid waste! From cutting open toothpaste to get the last drop out, to saving wrapping paper from opened gifts… many of us have certain quirky things we do as MoneySavers. We might not always admit to them, but however small (or strange), they all add up to save cash – and help the environment by reducing waste. So we’ve delved deep into the MSE Forum to come up with a whole host of MoneySaving household hacks.

SERVICES: – From Cllr Sue Vincent: Camden are working closely with their partner Veolia to minimise the impact of coronavirus on recycling and rubbish services, street cleaning and other key environmental services. They are putting plans into place to make sure our most essential services can continue to be delivered safely. If you or someone in your household is self-isolating, follow the government’s advice on waste disposal. Put personal waste (for example, used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths in a separate rubbish bag, place into another bag and keep aside for at least 72 hours (3 days) before putting it out for collection. Further information

HEALTH – BBC Video: Submarine captain shares self-isolation secrets! Ryan Ramsey knows what it’s like to self-isolate. He was the captain of the nuclear submarine HMS Turbulent between 2008 and 2011 and once spent 286 days at sea without seeing the sky. The Gosport-based consultant says conflict management is key to surviving time in confined spaces and has five top tips to help see you through.

From Marcos: A reminder that Marcos is doing a free yoga class every Thursday. Please join him via Zoom at 11:00pm.

From Amin: A big thank you for forwarding a copy of the ‘Best weight free workout’. The book has inspired me to change how I exercise and I now workout in my kitchen! How have you had to change your personal landscape to fit in with all the changes we are going through. I would be interested to hear from you

Have a nice evening

See you tomorrow

Be safe!