Thursday 18th June 2020 – Day Eighty Six

Good morning everyone

Thank you everyone for all your support regarding the daily updates. However, the reality is that I am sending out thousands of emails per week, and now need to use a different system to send out emails as my Google Account has been (incorrectly) identified as a spammer. So please accept my apologies for as I try to sort this out and normal service will be resumed asap.



What can I share with you today?




Thank you to everyone who has forwarded their wonderful support and comments to me regarding the Food Bank Project organised by Covent Garden Community Centre / 7 Dials Club. It is really gratifying to hear that so many people are benefiting from the service:

Foodbank – We are flexible with regards to who we can help. If you fit the following criteria, please register.

  • Self Isolation due to symptoms
  • Isolation due to vulnerable or shielded status
  • Income reduction because of lockdown & crisis measures
  • Income reduction while waiting for benefits to arrive
  • Homeless

Go to Registration Form



Just a reminder. If you (or know of anyone) who cannot go out because they are vulnerable, self isolating or for any other reason and need help with food etc.
Assistance can be found on the government web page. The form is rather long, but is fairly straightforward. If you (or know of anyone who needs support) please let us know.

Here is the link:




From Chris B:

Dear John, please forward this on to members of Dragon Hall; this is the culmination of our work with Rose Alexander and her brilliant Community Outreach Team.
I am so pleased Steve’s work is having such a well supported showing and I hope to include an “In Conversation “ event as part of DH Autumn Talks Programme.

Steve’s archive of 140,000 images taken over the past 20 years is a real love letter to this weird and wonderful city of ours.

Here’s the Link



From Neil:

I came across this in the Art Quarterly magazine which may interest some of your members, it is an exhibition entitled “Toulouse-Lautrec and the Masters of Montmartre”.
Toulouse-Lautrec and the Masters of Montmartre brings the sights, sounds and delights of Lautrec’s bohemian Paris to modern-day Bath. It revisits the street art of the period, with more than 80 iconic colour posters on display by artists including Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, Pierre Bonnard and many others.

Here’s the Link




From Tudor A:

Local history recordings. Sound clips and talks.

Dickens and Camden

Archivist Tudor Allen talks about the many connections between the novelist Charles Dickens and the area today known as the London Borough of Camden.

Here’s the Link




From Mark K:

Talk for Health.
Talk for Health is a social enterprise working to improve mental health. It was set up by Nicky Forsythe, a psychotherapist, to teach the skills and attitudes that allow for more deeply connective talk between people. This in turn leads to greater personal and social well being.

Here’s the Link



From Mary S:

The silver line

The Silver Line.
The Silver Line operates the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
We also offer telephone friendship where we match volunteers with older people based on their interests,  facilitated group calls, and help to connect people with local services in their area.

Here’s the Link




From Sarah (Buckingham Palace): Zoom session – Tuesday 23 June 2020, 2pm

Queen Mary’s Dolls House at Windsor Castle – How Watson Learned the Trick.
A Creative Writing Session. To celebrate National Writing Day this month we will join professional writer, Lynda Waterhouse, who will lead a 40 minute session taking us on a tour of Queen Mary’s Dolls House, a fascinating miniature house. We will be pausing a while in the library to listen to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story ‘How Watson Learned the Trick’. Using some of the objects found in the library, we will then, with Lynda’s help, create our own murder mystery story.





From Jenny S:

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

“If you love somebody set them free – it also works equally well if you hate somebody.”

“Life is rather like a tin of sardines – we’re all of us looking for the key.”



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