Xmas wreath

Thursday 23rd December 2021

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Christmas is around the corner, this week we have information about a Christmas Carol and some great photos from a wreath workshop at phoenix gardens. Thank you to everyone who sent in photos and items!

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Extreme Citizen Science

Participate in an Extreme Citizen Science Project

Dr. Artemis Skarlatidou and Hannah Gibbs from the Extreme Citizen Science research group based in the Department of Geography and University College London. They work with communities all over the world to help them address local issues that are important to them (e.g. illegal cattle invasion in Namibia, illegal logging in the Congo Basin, odour and noise in London, collect local flora and fauna data, etc.). Communities lead project design and implementation; i.e. what issues they want to tackle, what data they will collect, how data will be analysed.

You can read more about our research group here: https://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/research/research-centres/excites

The project and how can you help?

They previously developed a set of tools, which they use to support communities collect and analyse the collected data. They only recently launched a new mobile application which will be eventually used to support communities visualise the data they collect (called Sapelli Viewer). The ultimate aim of this project is to ensure that it is user-friendly, so everyone can use it (that includes Indigenous communities in various parts of the world where people have never seen a map or a smartphone before).

What should I expect? How long will it take?

If you decide to participate then note that there will be three phases in this study.

They will organise one or two meetings (1 hour each) to discuss with you and others in your area what kind of data you would like to collect. For example, people might decide to use our tool to collect data about your favourite flowers, or trees in your local area or back yard.

They will provide training on how to collect the data and use the application (1 hour session).

You will then collect some data (in your own time) over a period of 2 weeks to a month.

They will run a session (1 hour) to understand what you think of the viewer application and how you suggest we can improve it.

Following this, they will write a report about the project which will share with all participants. Also they will submit their analysis and findings to a scientific journal and this (if you accept) will also feature your name!

Key things to note

They are targeting people less familiar with smartphones

They provide participation incentives in the form of payment or vouchers

You can be named as a scientific collaborator in their publications

The next steps

Email me if you are interested in taking part. Hannah will contact you about meeting at the end of January to discuss the environmental project and what kind of data you want to collect.

Recommend Books & Movies

Books, Films & Articles

Share your favourite Books, Films or Articles

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The Phoenix Garden

Wreath making workshop

A few comments from our latest workshop.

“Thanks for all your work in organising these activities, every one I’ve attended has been really good.” – Christine. 

“I’m sending you a photo of the wreath I made on Monday with a big thank you for organising the workshop that I enjoyed very much.”- Mira

“Much appreciated for this and previous years ‘ opportunity John. Merry Christmas to all.”- Michele

Click for larger image

Your Photos

Your Photos

Festive snaps from Tricia

“My steps handrail lights & My little 3ft Xmas tree I put it open last Sunday”

Your Photos

Thank you Antony for these great photos of a very patient dog! 

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