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Buckingham Palace Trip

“…….The trip to the Charles II exhibition was marvellous. The exhibition itself is most interesting but having it put into context by the expert and enthusiastic Dawn Prentice really brought this whole period in history to life. It was easy to imagine living in the…

17 Feb 2018 Posted by editor in activities, Seniors no comments

Seniors Xmas Lunch at Seven Dials

The Christmas Lunch 2017 took place at Seven Dials Club on 13th December. 97 attendees enjoyed a traditional dinner, raffle and having fun with others in the community. Thanks to the volunteers and the local businesses that helped, donated prizes and were fantastically supporting in…

09 Jan 2018 Posted by editor in Events, Seniors no comments

Social Media Policy

This week our after schools club worked together to come up with their own social media policy that reflects onto the young people but also staff. We looked at, what is social media? Are there different kinds of social media? What the purpose of a…

27 Nov 2015 Posted by editor in Tech, Young People no comments

In Their Own Words

Dragon Hall Users Dragon Hall users explain, in their own words, why they come to Dragon Hall, what they do and what difference it makes to them.

28 May 2013 Posted by editor in Videos no comments