Junior Sessions

The Junior Club got to go on an exciting trip to Queens Park Ice and Bowl where they got the opportunity to go ice skating for a few hours after school as part of the after school club.

This proved to be a very popular choice for a trip out!.

We took the train to get to the venue which was a new experience for some of the young people we work with. Once there, the young people were all rearing to go and get on the ice.

On the ice the young people supported each other (sometimes literally) in developing their skills. They were teaching each other how to ice skate but also swapping tips on staying upright or the easiest way to get round the rink without falling over.

When the trip was done most young people could stand and skate without holding on to the side and they were all really excited to organise the next skating trip.

If you would like to join the After School Clubs sign up at Dragon Hall and speak to a youth team member or call on 0207 404 7274.