Hydroponic Garden

We have started an indoor garden to grow herbs, salad leaves and tomatoes for our after school club to eat! It is a kit which comes with seeds all planted up ready to go. We will keep you updated with their progress – here is how it works…

Full-spectrum grow bulbs deliver all the light plants need for fast, healthy growth – no sunny windows needed! Lights come on and off automatically optimum growth with no hassles.
Seed pods deliver optimum water, oxygen and nutrients for fast germination and healthy growth with no dirt and no mess.
Nutrients are customized to deliver the perfect blend of macro and micro nutrients your plants need for optimal health and nutrition. Nutrients are pre-measured for convenience and the AeroGarden automatically reminds you to add them, so you can’t over or under-feed your plants.
Roots grow into a perfect blend of air, water and nutrients. We spent years understanding what plants need at the root level – and built it into the AeroGarden. The AeroGarden alerts you when it’s time to add water, so you’ll never over or under-water your garden and your plants always get exactly what they need to grow fast, stay healthy and look beautiful.