This week was our first week back since half term, having just missed all the fun Halloween activities we could have done we decided to start the week off with some spooky halloween arts and crafts.

Young people used different scratch arts, these are great for creating a range colour and patterns and young people absolutely love them.

We had different masks that young people could scratch out in the shape of pumpkins, cats, bats, Frankenstein and spiders. We also had skull paneling when young people could put sheets of different colour behind the holes in the sugar skull to create a colourful pattern, then finally we had spooky houses where you could create a scary house using scratch art.

This activities was really good for seeing young people’s creativity come out and how they used the scratch art to create their image but also how they went about looking at how different colours went together for the sugar skull panelling.

This was a really enjoyable first session for all involved.