DragonHall | Government Digital Service charity of the year
Government Digital Service charity of the year
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Government Digital Service Charity of the year!

Young boy and tech

Government Digital Service Charity of the year!

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Here is an extract from the GDS Blog – Government Digital Service – Dragon Hall has been chosen as their charity of the year! We are very pleased!

See the blog here

A change of charity
In the theme of helping people use technology, we decided to use National Get Online Week to announce the GDS charity of the year.

Although we aren’t the biggest fundraisers in the world, we do have a lot of talent and expertise. The GDS charity team wanted staff to be regularly involved in this year’s charity’s work, so they chose one that’s local and works at a grass-roots level.

Our chosen charity
We contacted Comic Relief for some guidance. They pointed to Tech for Good to suggest potential charity candidates.

We found Dragon Hall. It’s small, local – it works with young people, residents and business and community groups in Holborn and Covent Garden – and works with tech, so our expertise can make a real difference.

Dragon Hall wants to give children the chance to explore and play with new technology, while addressing the inequalities that exist in access to these innovations. It offers some great resources and activities from 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, coding, augmented reality programming and app design.

We’ve started fundraising already and are looking for ways to get our staff involved with the work that Dragon Hall does, perhaps by using one of their 3 volunteer days.

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