Friday 3rd April – Day Eleven

Good morning, apologies for the recent late updates. As this lockdown continues, more and more people are needing different support from Genia, Amber and Myself. Support such as shopping, collecting medication, helping with laundry and walking a dog.

If you need help please do contact us, also (if you are in a safe and healthy position to do so) if you can volunteer do drop me a line.

How is your routine coming along? Have you settled into one yet? I have tweaked my everyday, and still cannot get it right, but I am doing my exercises, meditation and journaling every day, so something is working. However, I did get a lovely email from Stephen, who shared this with me:

“……The routines we are getting into need tweaking. So today I walked the other way. At least I had a slightly different view, which is stimulating. While walking I decided, when I got home, to get out the poetry book and recited out loud. As I was a teacher I felt as if I were back in the classroom. Afterwards I washed up with the radio on and rather than passively listen I sang along with it. I felt good…..Remind your readers to “get involved,” as much as possible by singing along to music, moving to the music, or anything that is positive rather than passive…..”

Thank you Stephen, great advice and very motivating for personally

What can I share with you today? – ART & ENTERTAINMENT

Tonight from the Royal Opera House. Acis and Galatea. The first opera Friday Night Premiere, Acis and Galatea, is nearly here! Galatea, a half-divine nymph, is in love with the shepherd Acis, and he is with her. But Polyphemus, a giant, is also in love with Galatea. Watch his destructive jealousy unfold as they bring you this rare collaboration between Opera and Ballet

Now Play This at Home (03 – 05 Apr) – Somerset House – Looking for creative games to play this weekend? Now Play This festival will be coming to your home for a free weekend of play, creativity and experimentation for all ages to enjoy. Taking place at the same time as the postponed physical festival, the virtual festival embraces the same spirit of experimentation, uniting a creative community of makers to explore playful and participatory ways to bring people together through games and play.

From Theresa: The Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) was founded in 1947 by Assis Chateaubriand (1892-1968), becoming the first modern art museum in Brazil. You can explore a cross-section of around two thousand artworks from MASP’s collection, and delve into MASP’s permanent collection and learn more about the glass display easels on Google Arts & Culture’.

SHOPPING / FOOD – From Dominic: The normal food stores remain open (in and around Covent Garden) and no real shortages that I’ve noted – Tesco, Sainsbury – along with the convenience stores, Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, etc.

The Co-op though has abandoned central London, with their Store Street Bloomsbury store also closed ‘temporarily’ …… and all interest directed to their Grays Inn Road store.

Only one cycle shop seems open in central London to provide essential services. I gave them a call and took my old cycle up there on Thursday, and Luca was very affable and serviced the bike – no charge – and made it rideable. The front wheel was a bit buckled and while he didn’t have the exact replacement he offered an alternative. Which I have taken (£145 including fitting, that didn’t seem too bad for a good bicycle, that was about £500 when I bought it 20 years ago, and extends the life for another 5-10 years).

Cloud 9 Cycles, 38 Store Street, London, WC1E 7DB, 0203 205 019,

Other places of note – on Lower Marsh Greensmiths provisions, etc., remain open (definitely pies, pasties, fruit, veg., etc., etc., though meat seemed to have all gone late Wednesday afternoon), open to about 4.30PM; also Iceland, and the fruit and veg stall, and the Hardware DIY Tool Shop. There’s a kebab takeaway, Capita Kebab House, on the Cut that is open.

Wok to Walk remains open for takeaway, and Good Friend deep fried chicken and bubble tea on Little Newport Street, Gerrards Corner Restaurant for chinese takeaway, Bagel Bakery Bar Old Compton Street, I Camisa and Son, Compton News convenience store, Joe the Juice Rathbone Street, Hiba Lebanese and Palestinian takeaway (113 High Holborn and 10 Tottenham Street

HEALTH – Good thinking is an NHS-approved digital mental wellbeing self-assessment tool that provides personalised recommendations. When you click on the link it opens to a page that provides tools to help you with your Anxiety – Sleep problems – Stress – low mood.

Joe Wicks (the body coach) has a workout designed for seniors or for anyone looking for something a bit lighter. Take care when exercising and if you don’t already exercise regularly take it slowly at first.

Have a nice day

See you tonight

Be safe!