Film Club

The Film Club runs every Monday from 4pm and we have 10 young people in the group, the group changes each term. This is the best way to allow each young person a chance to be a part of the film club but also to ensure the club is long enough for young people to experience tangible development whilst in the group. Each week we explore a new movie, sometimes a 15 minute short film, whilst other times a feature length film, these are often split into two sessions. We start by watching a part of the film, we then take a break and review what we have seen so far. Then the next session we come back and either finish watching the film and do a final review or we start a new movie. The activities that the group have been involved with so far include poster making, group games, writing reviews and opening up debates on film costing, the best way to promote and more.

So far, the club has been a great success, the young people really enjoy coming together every week, they get to learn in the group and they have their own choice. They are asked what they would like to watch, they have access to the into film login so they can do reviews at home as well as having the opportunity to help run the club once their group has finished.

We have just restarted the group for this year to a great success we are on our second week and we have a great group of young people just starting, the group is currently looking at the film Mirror Mirror and are halfway through so far they have feedback what they think have been the standout scenes, if different costumes would change the feel of the film and where they think the film is heading.

If you would like to join our film club please get in touch with Michaela.