Egg Drop

Our After School club took part in an Egg Drop, the aim was for your team’s egg to survive being dropped from the balcony the best.

The four teams have been working together over the last 7 weeks to complete different activities every Friday. The activities have been based on developing the young people’s teamwork skills this included communication, decision making and problem-solving, these activities have also been a great opportunity for young people to get to know each other and build positive relationships.

To create the egg drop they had to look at the materials they were given, discuss how protective they would be, the best order to put them in, everyone had different ideas so they had to make decisions for the group, make compromises and work together.

We then dropped the eggs from the balcony and watched to see which team’s egg survived the best in their container.

This was a great session, everyone enjoyed themselves, the part everyone enjoyed the most was the drops at the end and the suspense of waiting to see if their egg survived.