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DIY Gamer at Dragon Hall, code club - samsung regional hub
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DIY GAMER KIT / Code Club / Samsung Regional Hub

DIY gamer for code club


Posted by editor in Tech

Exciting times at Code Club/Samsung Regional Hub here at Dragon Hall as we start the new projects by Technology Will Save Us! We get to work with their DIY Gamer Kits.

First things first – we have to solder them together!! I got a little extra tuition from the lovely Code Club Michael so felt a lot more confident.

The first week session introduces the team to the gamer and all the awesome things it can do, the intro video gets everyone going and asking questions about what we will be doing, then came the powerpoint explaining all the components, the bit I was dreading as I’m not an expert by any means!

Luckily our amazing volunteer Rahul, of Shazam fame, is a product engineer and took over the explanations, which got everyone asking all sorts of questions and really getting into the electronics. That was probably the best bit (for me anyway). We then went on to begin the making. Intense but amazing session.

Next week its soldering… bring it on!

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