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Camden Summer University

Camden Summer University @ Dragon Hall

Want to join in an Arduino Session at Dragon Hall? Age between 14 and 19?

Wednesday 30th July, 10am to 4pm

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DIY Gamer Kit

Design your own video game and write the code to make it into a reality!
Build your own hand held games console that uses inputs to control an 8×8 LED matrix display and learn how to code your own games. The gamer is controlled by Arduino.
– Understand how to build your own games console with electronic components whilst learning about each component.
– Learn about microcontrollers and how to use them to program physical devices.
– Learn about the principles of animation and how to create your own frame-by-frame animations.
– Understand how to use physical inputs to control the screen.
– Learn how to design and invent your own game, the process of designing a game and game dynamics.
– Learn how to use infrared to wirelessly send and receive data.

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