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After school club at Dragon Hall Trust for the 8 to 12 year olds
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Young People / For young people age 8 to 16+

After School Clubs

‘Everyone is so friendly and smiley here, actually youth workers care…’

Dragon Hall runs after school clubs for the 8 to 11, 12 to 15 and 16 plus age groups. All of our work with young people is free of charge & funded by a variety of Trusts and Foundations. Our experience & expertise is widely recognised and we are proud to work closely with the diverse communities that make up our area.

2018 to 2019 – 130 after school club sessions for Juniors
122 individuals aged between 8 & 11 attended our regular after school club sessions during 2018 to 2019. Supported by youth workers & volunteers the young people undertake a wide range of activities including homework club, film club, arts & crafts, technology, sports, science, trips out, music & drama sessions. We also did 4 intergenerational projects that included a Christmas lunch & show, Chinese New Year crafts and quizzes.

85 Intermediate Club Sessions
35 young people aged between 12 & 16 attended our intermediate club & holiday sessions. With no local secondary school in our area young people are sent to any one of 14 different schools in 9 London boroughs – young people can keep in touch with friends who live nearby who have been sent to a different school. They created 2 music videos with Fitzrovia Youth in Action and are supported in their homework by staff and volunteers.

84 Code Club and Coder Dojo Sessions
24 young people aged between 8 & 12 attend our Code Club, working on projects using HTML, Scratch & Python (computer coding programmes) to create their own computer games and animations. Our weekend Coder Dojo sessions enable young people to develop their skills with others. One of our attendees won a top prize at ‘Coolest Projects’ – an international competition held in London to showcase digital ideas & games.

After School Club Video

Everyone is welcome.

‘82% of young people felt they had developed their confidence at Dragon Hall’

We have worked with 7 schools & universities this year to create volunteer placements including King’s College London, ADC College & Arcadia University. This has allowed us to meet the needs of increasing numbers, as these students have provided additional skills, knowledge & expertise to our existing staff. This volunteer pool has brought a new look to the work that we do & new ideas that have been of significant value to young people, staff and the wider organisation.

The significant growth in our older people’s services has presented unexpected opportunities for intergenerational work, an initiative that we intend to build upon, in particular in relation to our digital and technology provision.
Our tech sessions have seen a 50% increase in Code Clubs as well as a 15% increase in our holiday tech sessions & 20% increase in the number of weekend tech session attendees. These have reached a audience of young people age 11-21, who have been able to get involved in activities which they stated they hadn’t had access to before.

These Clubs have delivered many high quality projects including mobile app development workshops, anti-bullying adverts, a film review club, music & video production, Coding and Technology clubs. Credit should go to Youth Manager Keeley Reed and her team for delivering a fantastic year of activities for young people.

Find out more by contacting Keeley Reed

Tech Discovery Session