DragonHall | Fujian White Crane Kung Fu
Fujian White Crane Kung Fu at Dragon Hall
Fujian White Crane Kung Fu
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Fujian White Crane Kung Fu

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu

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Teacher: Dennis Ngo

Contact: dennis@fwcinstructors.com
Phone: 07931 386 314

Monday 18:30 to 19:30pm

Soft Style (Suang Yang)

Suitable for ALL .It is designed to stretch the body, the mind, and the inner strength. Especially good for all who feel that they may not be able to face the rigours of Hard Style Kung Fu (yet).

What am I going to learn?

Learn to coordinate your body with your mind. This is done through beautiful stylised movements that are graceful yet exacting, soft yet penetrating, yielding yet awe-inspiring.

So can anyone join in?

Yes Yes Yes

Monday 19:30 to 20:30pm

Hard Style (Kung Fu)

For all who like a little challenge. The joys of being stretched to the fullest. The feeling of “Yes this is what I have been looking for”. Leaving the class invigorated and knowing that you have taken the first step towards freedom from fear.

What am I going to learn?

Structurally geared for the most inept novice right through to the adept. The ability to move when you want and how you want.

So can anyone join in?

Yes! designed from the bottom up. There is no limitation and no inhibition but full exhilaration

Monday 20:30 to 21:30pm

The chance to let your body move the way that you have trained so hard for. To react to your partner finding your weak spots, and picking out theirs.

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