DragonHall | 3D Printing at Dragon Hall Innovation & Technology Hub
3D Printing at Dragon Hall Innovation & Technology Hub
3D Printing, Dragon Hall Innovation & Technology Hub, holborn, covent garden
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3D Printing / at Dragon Hall Tech Hub

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  • 3D Printing in Progress
    3D Printing in Progress

    The Ultimaker printing out a great Klein Jar

  • Ultimaker 2 3D Printer
    Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

    The Ultimaker 2 3D printer - we want these!

  • The finished Klein Jar
    The finished Klein Jar

    The finished Klein Jar being inspected

3D Printing Discovery Sessions at Dragon Hall Tech Hub

3D Printing Discovery Sessions
Mondays from 4pm to 5pm – school years 4 to 6 – (Ages 8 to 11)
Mondays 6pm to 7:30pm – age 16 upwards

If you would like to join in those sessions come and sign up for sessions or send us an email!

Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

We are pleased to have the great team at Ultimaker on board supporting us with our 3D printing sessions and keeping us up to date with all the advances and developments in the technology. We are busy fund raising to enable us to buy some more of the sparkling new Ultimaker 2 machines. They are really very nice and look great as well. We already have our first Ultimaker 2 plus 2 of the Ultimaker originals

If you can help us in any way with the purchase of more of these machines let us know!

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  • Building the 3D Printer
    Building the 3D Printer

    Building the 3D Printer - there are so many bits!

  • Getting There...
    Getting There...

    A couple more sessions and they will be done!

  • Complete 3D Printer
    Complete 3D Printer

    The completed 3D Printer printing out a 3D frog...

3D Printing at Dragon Hall Tech Hub

Thanks to the 3D Print Show and a Twitter competitions we have won an Ultimaker printer! Whoo hoo!

We have built our 3D printers with the help of Ian Lewis of Replicat3D – our fantastic 3D Printing guru! We have 3 3D Printers made by Printrbot (voted best value consumer 3D Printer) who are supporting the development of the Dragon Hall Tech Hub

Dragon Hall 3D Printing Sessions once we have built our printers and figured out how to use them we will be putting together sessions for children and young people so they can design and print cool stuff.

If you want to find out more, get involved or grab a place at our 3D printing sessions
contact us

If you are interested in getting your own printer or want to know anything really technical about the process send a message to Ian Lewis at Replicat3D

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is taking a design, whether it’s from a CAD package, a drawing package or even a scanned image. It may be commercial or freeware, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can save or export an STL file.

You can check, clean or orientate an object in programs such as Netfabb, Meshmixer or any one of the other programs available.

You can then feed your final STL file into Slic3r, which will turn the shape into a text file of GCODE (according to your settings). You can change the temperature of the hot end and the heated bed. You can alter the speed that you print outlines, infill and support material. The possibilities are endless.

Then you feed this file into your printer control software. It reads the file and moves the hotend, extruding melted plastic as it moves.

After printing, you can finish it, or just leave it in all its finery. To be enjoyed by one or many. To fix a broken thing, to decorate a room or a person. The choice is yours.