DragonHall | 2013 May
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May 2013

In Their Own Words

Dragon Hall Users Dragon Hall users explain, in their own words, why they come to Dragon Hall, what they do and what difference it makes to them.

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After School Clubs

Sports, creativity and structure  – Dragon Hall focuses on these concepts as well as social and personal development to plan our after school club. Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays 3.30-6.00pm Dragon Hall have their doors open to young people aged 8-11. The Staff do a pick-up…

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LIVE internet radio broadcast Friday

LIVE Radio Broadcast Friday 3rd May at Dragon Hall from 7.30pm-8.30pm! This month’s theme is Participation! There will be interviews from our overseas friends, reviews of our Easter scheme, games and makeup tutorial. Please listen in and send the link to your friends and family!…

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